Why it's great


It's easier to think and navigate with a basic and lightweight design.

Incredibly fast

Adding tasks is as simple as hitting the hot key and starting to type.

Guaranteed privacy

We respect your privacy. Your data is shared with nobody.

Completely free

The basic version of the app comes with everything you need.

Make lists for all your To do's

Add labels to tasks

Labels can be attached to any task, to categorize or show priority. You can make your own and choose from 20 different colors.

Pin tasks to lists

Pins let you immediately see to which list the task belongs. Pinned tasks will be returned to their list once completed (or failed).

Make a plan

Day planner

The dayplanner tells you exactly what to focus on. It shows up to 7 days in the future, or less when it gets too overwhelming.


To see further ahead, you can make use of the calendar. Tasks are highlighted. To make a plan you simply drag and drop.


With this feature you can create daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly recurring tasks with varying intervals.

Instantly empty your mind

1  Use your hot key

Make Eggplanned always pop-up by using a hot key. This could be anything like Alt-E or simply F10.

2  Type away

There are no buttons for adding tasks. You simply start typing and this panel will automatically appear.

3  Hit enter

And continue typing to quickly turn all thoughts into tasks without looking away from the keyboard.

Start planning today

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