FAQ - Frequently asked questions


  • Do I have to pay to use Eggplanned?

    No, Eggplanned is completely free, though a Pro version will be available in the near future with extra features.

  • Can I use Eggplanned offline?

    If you tell the app to remember you when logging in, a backup of your planning will be stored on your computer for offline accessibility.

  • Will Eggplanned be available on mobile devices?

    Yes, an app for mobile is currently being developed.

  • What happens with my personal data?

    Other than connecting you with the right planning, your info gets shared with no one. See the Privacy Policy for more info.

Technical issues

  • Eggplanned doesn't start

    Make sure you've got the latest java installed. It might also be hidden in the background. If using windows try clicking the tray icon in the right bottom corner. Please contact if nothing works.

  • The interface looks way too small

    This is a problem that sometimes occurs with high DPI screens. To fix this issue, right-click Eggplanned.exe and go to properties > compatibility tab and press "Change high DPI settings". Click Override high DPI scaling behaviour and change Application to System in the drop-down menu.

  • I am not receiving any emails

    There is a slight chance emails from Eggplanned are seen as spam or marked suspicious by some mail servers. Try to find the list of safe senders and add "noreply@eggplanned.com". If you're trying to activate your account, head over to the download page and you'll see a message with a link to resend the confirmation link with.

Common errors

  • JRELoadError

    You might see this error if you don't have java installed. You can download the latest here.

  • Could not connect with eggplanned.com

    If it takes approximately 10 seconds for the message to appear after you hit the login button, the connection timed out due to a very slow internet connection or problems with our server. Please contact us if this issue persists.

    If the message appears almost instantly after hitting the login button, your firewall might be in the way.

  • "Eggplanned.app" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

    Eggplanned is not yet registered with Apple. Therefore you'll have to change your security preferences.

    To change your preferences, go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, click on the lock, enter your password and check Allow From Anywhere.