About the company

Eggplanned started taking shape in 2014 after talking with a roommate about why pen paper still wins from most planning applications that were available at the time.

We believed that being able to desposit the thought quickly in a easy to find place was far more important than storing your tasks immediatly in the right location with the right properties. Emptying your mind should be the first priority. Planning comes second.

Without any developer skills at the time I started designing a platform that would one - be faster than the preferable pen and paper and two - never show you more that you need to know right now. No mystery buttons and no overwhelming grid view.

The result is very lightweight planning application for desktop, allowing global hot keys (enabling you to make the app pop-up at any given moment with your chosen key combination), instant task adding by simply starting to write (no buttons) and a simple, clean and easy to understand design.

As of today, Eggplanned is still a one-man endeavor, but will probably expand in the future if success raises the workload and good ideas will keep coming.

Mark Walters Founder